Uncle Victor and the crew are carrying tons of dry soil and small rocks to elevate the ground, they will fill up the entire floor until it reaches about 1.5′ higher from the base. Torrential rain is common in the country and we don’t want the rain to flood our bungalow, so elevating the floor is an absolute must!


After pouring the ground with soil and small rocks, it must be pounded to make it firm and smooth. They used a medieval device that I forgot to capture, it was made of wood with big block of solid woods at the bottom and you have to hold it with two hands, then pull it up and drop it hard to ground.



The pounded ground will look like a firm surface and is ready to be poured with cement.


Steel bars were laid out first to the ground before the cement, to add support and make the floor more stable.

Manong is checking if everything is okay.


Since the floors are to be tiled, smooth surface on the concrete floors is not desired. The cement on the floor is about 3-4″ thick and will have an additional 2″ more when the tiles are added.

The porch will also be in tiles.

We have to move the bathroom door on the other side of the wall because it is facing directly the main door. Uncle Victor and the crew have to cover the existing door, and break the other wall to create a new door.

Manong is doing another cement mix. These are pure manual labor and you have to appreciate all the hardwork they put into this house.


They apply thick plaster to the windows in preparation to the sliding aluminum windows.

All the windows have thick cement plasters.

Windows and floors are now dry, dogs can now walk and play.

We wanted to have a blue roof and white sliding windows, for a little Mediterranean touch.


These metal sheet and gutters will be installed simultaneously.

This is the small tubes that will connect the gutter and the downspouts.


During summer season, the temperature in the Philippines can go up to 30 degrees turning all metal roofs into oven. Our bungalow has a high triangular roof to decrease the temperature inside the rooms. We wish we could install an insulation before the ceiling but it’s too expensive.

The metal roof looks neat from the inside.

It resembles a mini stadium with all those metal trusses.

Gutters were riveted to the trusses, I wonder how many blind rivets were used to install the whole roof.

These are galvanized metal roofs, it has an additional coating against rain and rust.



Metal soffit that will be used to cover the exterior ceiling.

This will also serve as ventilation to the roof.

Shiny soffits looks nice and clean! All blue and white.

PVC for the downspouts, the striking orange doesn’t impress us, will probably paint this with a different color.
There’s no drainage system yet in this area, will just let the rain flow through the neighboring yards hue hue.

While the roof is being installed, Uncle Victor is preparing the septic tank.


Steel bars and hallow blocks for septic walls. In the modern age of house construction, septic tank are made to order and it will be delivered to you by a truck.


The septic tank will be separated in two partitions.


Steel bars will hold the cover of the septic.

Septic tank is done! The distance of the septic must be at least 3 meters away from the water source.


After the septic tank. Uncle Victor is working on the dirty kitchen outside the house.


This will be the counter top.


Steel bars to support the concrete counter and sink.



We have cucumber and calamansi! yehey!


and ensaymada, delicious.



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