January 2015 – Construction of Interior Ceiling, Kitchen Counter Top, and Window Wood Frames;

We hire Manong Martin’s crew to work on our interior ceiling because they have done a great job on our steel roofs. The initial estimate cost was surprisingly expensive and we bargain until we ended up with a less expensive cost. This is a standard suspended ceiling, we initially wanted a steel instead of wood but it’s too expensive. The contractor started with mounting the wood bars to the wall and created a pattern on where the plywood will be nailed on.


The crew are working to mount the plywood to the wood bars above.

The steel trusses of the roof will be covered by the interior ceiling. This will prevent the temperature of the roof from reaching the rooms and will decrease the amount of heat during dry season.


We chose a simple 3×3 moulding to accent the ceiling. We are planning to paint the ceiling white and would change the color of the moulding to a brown or something that is earth tone.



The ceiling of the porch looks really neat! I immediately wanted to hangout here.


It took them around 2 weeks to complete all the interior ceiling and the porch.


The complete interior ceiling in the living room, with white moulding in the windows as well.


We don’t want a big counter top that would occupy a lot of space, because we have a dirty kitchen at the back, that would be the main cooking area. This simple counter will be used for minimal cooking and washing of dishes.


The workers have to break the floor of the dirty kitchen to lay out the pipes from the sink. This is another mistake because there should be a pipe prior to the finishing of the walls and the dirty kitchen.


This is about 6’x1.5′ just enough to make simple dishes.
Underneath would be the cabinets for storage.


The materials used was black and white granite and stainless steel sink and faucet.


Little by little our bungalow project is slowly becoming a decent home to live in. We will stop the construction for now and save money again for the next stage of construction. 🙂


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