December 2015 – Granite Floor Tiles

We had a wonderful year (2015) because we are blessed with the most wonderful gift, last August my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

We have to stop the construction for quite a long time because our priority right now is our baby. But we have thought about moving on to the next stage of construction, so whenever we wanted to travel back home in the province, we can relax in our home.

The materials that we choose for the floors is granite tiles, the big ones probably around 24x24in. Granite is a durable material and will last for a very long time, although it was expensive but it’s worth the money.

In the Philippines, it’s weird but a tiled floor is a luxury, almost all newly constructed house used tiles for the flooring. In a tropical country, we have different kinds of insects and bugs roaming around, and using a wood or carpet is probably not a good idea because it will be easily infested if not maintained well. Also, tiled floors are cold to the feet making it comfortable on dry season.


The one with the pebbles on it are the tiles that we are going to use for the porch, we chose that to match the neutral colors of the bricks.


We hired Manong Glen again to do the floor tiles, he did a great job on the finishing and details of the house. He first measure the area of each rooms to make sure the tiles will not be cut-off in a unusual pattern.


Of course, we need a lot of sand and cement to install all the giant tiles. The medieval equipment below is used to filter the sand, to remove all the tiny debris and stones, to retain the fine sand and to make the finest cement mixture. It has a screen with tiny holes on it, you will shovel the sand and put on top. Two person will shake the equipment until all the remaining sand on top flows through the ground, leaving the tiny stones on the screen.


He is the helper of Manong Glen, he can’t do it alone, so he needs a back up.


Using a mixture of fine sand and cement, Manong Glen was able to install the tiles flawlessly. He uses a hammer to check if the cement below was solid. If there’s a hallow space or air below, the tiles might break if put under pressure.


Installing tiles are not easy as it looks, look at how he made a pattern from the first room all the way to the living room. This process will take consideration, to the corners of the room where you need to cut the tiles to fit in the small excess areas.


Working for only 2 days, Manong Glen and the crew was able to complete almost half of the floor area. Installing tiles was faster compared to other construction of the house.


The granite tiles have grout but the spaces between are too tight.


The 2 bedrooms are now completed, just waiting for it to fully dry.


The entire floor of the house is now covered with tiles. The lights can bounce back to make the room brighter, also the dirt can now be easily sweep. Don’t mind the curtains, those are just temporary, we will replace it with a more decent draperies.


Check out these tiles of the porch! It matches the neutral colors of the bricks from the wall. Looks great!


Here are some of the additional photos taken last January 8, 2016.






My mother-in-law strike a pose on our beautiful front yard. Notice the Christmas decors on the Bugambilia? Cool eh


Also, my father-in-law gave us a new AC unit for the bedroom. He was excited to see his grand daughter, that he bought an AC unit to make our stay more comfortable on our new home.



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