December 2016 -Front Fence and Entry Gate

After one year, lol. We decided to put a nice modern fence/gate to our Bungalow. I made a design draft of the gate that wanted. We have a nice front yard that is not too big, so I made a design that would make the front of the house look more wider and long. So I used this horizontal bars to give the impression of a wide front yard.


We hire another local contractor to build the gate and fence. So pretty much all the aspect of the construction are done by different contractors, I don’t know if it’s good or not but budget wise it is not.

First they dig the ground to build a decent foundation to the walls and concrete bars. This process is standard regardless if you are going to build a small or big fence. And this was also the messy part.



It’s about 3′ deep and the space between is where the entry gate will be place.


They first build the concrete walls and beams where the metal bars of the fence will attached on.


The fence was about 2.5 meters away from the porch and I think it’s an enough space to decorate simple landscaping.


T0 not waste time and resources the contractor was working really fast, the target of completion of the whole fence and gate was 2 weeks maximum. In this picture they are almost done with the walls and the concrete beams will follow.


Also, the crew are strictly following the scketh/draft that I did, and I think that they did not improvise. The height of the whole fence was probably only around 5.8′ my bad I did not indicate what height it should be, I am assuming that they have standards and experience when it comes to security that gates will provide. Lesson learned, do not assume.

Also, this is a province so the electric pole was outdated, I’m not sure how old it is, and I hope that the electricity provider will replace these poles soon.


The steel fence are welded to the steels inside the cement beams, this will keep the whole fence intact and sturdy. I was overwhelmed when I saw how wide the fence is, and it looks like a ranch style fence, which is not part of the plan 🙂


This gap is where the entrance gate will be welded, we are also planning to cut down the trees 😦 to give way to a garage space, but we are still unsure about that.


In a span of a week and a half the fence are almost complete, the steel fence are painted with blue to match the roof and the concrete wall, and the cement beams are painted with white as first coating, we wanted this to be in light gray to tone down a little bit.


After the white paint was dried, it’s time to install the steel gate. They created a small hinge on the edges and welded to the steel bars from the cement beams.


The entrance gate are welded and are being supported until it fully dried and can support itself.



This picture below show the 99.99% completion of the gate, the steel fence are now in complete blue and the cement walls are color light gray. The entry gate was painted with red as an anti-rust or rust proof and when it dries it will match the color blue of the fence and roof.


And this is how it looked like from the other side of the street. The linings on the walls are also matched from the lining patterns of the house.

gate 26.jpg


And the completed fence and gate looked like this. Very satisfying to see how it turned out really great! We are excited on the next step until we complete the whole bungalow of our dreams. I know that this is taking us forever but this is not our priority, we will continue if time will let us.



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